About us


Our mission is to be the gift and present selection innovators,  Anything that has to do with creative design, we want to make sure our fingers are on the pulse.

At MacKinlay Mercantile, we make it a point to search out different suppliers  from around the region and the world.

Shopping  should be fun and we do our part to make sure that our customers enjoy shopping in a relaxing atmosphere.

             Our products

Specializing in gifts and products that are different with a unique and sometimes humerous style.  At MacKinlay Mercantile, we take our product selection very seriously, selecting that right item, is incredibly important.

Our products and accessories that we carry are definitely eye catching, and truly distinct.

          Come and Visit

At MacKinlay Mercantile, we encourage people to come in, look around, and find something unique .

Our friendly staff is here to provide assistance and answer your questions, and maybe tell a joke or two.

Buying is personal, and we want to make sure that you not only find that perfect item, but you are elated with it.

We want you to enjoy your experience to the fullest.

             Day to Day

Every day is a new adventure. At MacKinlay Mercantile, we believe in having fun and we enjoy talking with  our clients new and old.

              Our Vision

MacKinlay Mercantile is dedicated to providing the finest unique and creative items, and making the world better one gift at a time.

           Latest Trends

At MacKinlay Mercantile, we don't necessarily follow the latest trends

We believe something different is just that more interesting.

              Our Store

Comfortable and inviting, our store caters to men and women, offering a variety of selected products that offer that  something different you have been looking for.

           How We Began

Newly established in September 2018, MacKinlay Mercantile is one of the most unique gift boutiques you may ever have the chance to step foot in.

Our goal is to captivate clients with intriguing items and unique gifts from independent suppliers. Maintaining an edge on new trends and classic styles is what our customers will come to expect.

Distinctly unique, creactive products is what our reputation will be built upon.